Collaboration. Innovation. Integrity.

Our people make a positive impact in our communities and
with our customers. Our values position us for growth and a
sustainable future - because how we do business matters.



Our vision at Celanese is to improve the world and everyday life through our people, chemistry and innovation. This is made possible when we work together to build a culture of ethical business practices, a diverse workforce and service to the communities where we live and operate. Maintaining a reputation of honesty, integrity and compliance with the law positions us for a sustainable future.

Our business conduct policy is in place to help us to work responsibly and to avoid compromising our values, including the people, safety, customers, quality, community and shareholders that make our business successful.

It applies regardless of your position or your site location at Celanese, so please review the BCP site often and refer to it when questions arise. It is designed to help you understand your role in conducting business in a way that protects our employees, customers and our reputation.

Feel free to have open, candid dialogue with colleagues and supervisors when you have questions about our policy or see risks that could prevent us from achieving our objectives. How we do business matters, and no action is worth damaging our reputation in the marketplace or compromising our values.

Thank you for prioritizing compliance at Celanese.



At Celanese, our actions define us and our Company. To achieve our goals, we know that it takes honesty, integrity and compliance with the law. We embrace our responsibilities and strive to adhere to these standards to promote a better working environment and the continued success of our Company. It’s how we do business and how we do business truly matters.

We all have the ability to influence the attitudes, actions and habits of those around us. As members of the Celanese team, we agree that our influence comes with the responsibilities to:

  • Follow all laws, regulations and our policies
  • Live and promote our values
  • Be respectful; act ethically and with integrity
  • Create a positive, inclusive and collaborative environment where we feel comfortable seeking advice and raising concerns
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of those who raise a concern in good faith and protect them from retaliation
  • Protect our Company's financial integrity and reputation
  • Take care that personal interests do not interfere with our Company loyalty
  • Encourage third parties we engage to follow these standards
  • Take appropriate action once aware of possible unethical behavior or violations of law

Compliance with our BCP is a condition of employment. We will take appropriate disciplinary action, which could include termination of employment, for serious breaches of our BCP. In some circumstances, if an employee has violated a law, the Company may notify relevant authorities, which may result in criminal prosecution.

Our culture of compliance is supported with annual training for employees on our code of conduct. Additional training on anti-corruption and competition law is provided annually to employees in specific job roles. Training completion is monitored and documented in our learning management system. We also provide additional spot training as-needed on emerging issues based on ongoing risk analyses.

Help build our reputation on a foundation of trust. As a Celanese director, officer or a team member, including subsidiaries and affiliates, we each agree to comply with our business and ethics guidelines to help make our company a success.

Any Waiver of the Business Conduct Policy (BCP) for executive officers or Directors may be made only by the Board of Directors or a Board committee.




If you need to discuss an issue, the best place to start is often with your Supervisor.

They know your situation; they can direct you to resources, help you with procedures and lend immediate support. But you can always reach out to our Celanese Leaders, HR Partner or Chief Compliance Officer.

The Ethics Helpline, our whistleblower hotline, is always available to you to raise your compliance concerns confidentially or anonymously. It’s necessary to report certain compliance issues (bribes, price fixing and failures of financial integrity) to the Chief Compliance Officer or the Ethics Helpline, because they can result in serious consequences.

Read the Celanese Non-Retaliation Policy

Celanese will not permit retaliation for providing information regarding any conduct which you reasonably believe constitutes a violation of our Business Conduct Policy, any applicable law, or for participating in an investigation.

The Ethics Helpline

“You can talk to me” means we will not retaliate; all Ethics Helpline calls are confidential and, if you like, you can raise concerns anonymously.

1.866.384.4223 (866-ethic ce)


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